Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birds of a Feather

OMG check this out RIGHT NOW
Baby hummingbirds on live camera. Absolutely adorable. There are even Eagle cameras set up HERE
There are cameras set up on other nests, too: owls, storks, eagles, hummingbirds.
so many amazing animals to watch. The three baby hummingbirds are probably a once in a lifetime shot to someone every seeing live. Tomorrow, April 14, 2011, you can watch two hummingbird eggs hatch from 9:26 AM - 1:26 PM CST. Don't miss it if you have time. Just click on the hummingbird link I posted above.
Should be awesome to watch.
I still think this is so unbelievably cool that you can see these birds at such a close shot. 

I hope those videos make you smile.

to birds,

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