Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tired of this...

Well 2 weeks ago I had the rest of my college career here at BGSU planned out. 
3 summer school courses, classes this fall, study abroad to Tours, France in spring, graduate after returning home in May 2013. I immediately called my dad to tell him the exciting news that graduation for me was in sight! 5 years and countless majors later, I had finally figured out college. 


I had my study abroad advisement appointment to discuss what classes I would be taking in Tours. What was suppose to be a 15minute appointment finally ended 45 minutes later, almost in tears.
My communications adviser fucked. me. over.
Turns out, I need 3 more French classes before going to France, 2 of which conflict with times of 2 of my communication classes in the fall. 

My view of graduation is gone. I am lost again. A familiar feeling, but one I had thought was done with, at least during the rest of my college career. got me this time.
Claire: 0 Life: 1

Tuesday I have my advisement appointment to discuss what the hell to do.

It's funny the amount of work we go through for a little piece of paper, just to prove we've been educated.

to life, and how it can really fuck with you

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Give Me Love

Ed Sheeran: My new obsession

His lyricism is absolutely beautiful in every one of his songs.
Just really feelin' this song today.
 His live performances are even better than the studio which is such a rarity these day.

to finding love

Monday, March 19, 2012


Can we all just take a moment here to realize how much procrastination fuckin' blows.

In desperate times of late night homework energy, this is my go to song

That's all

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bonjour Paris

Just returned home from a 3 day break from reality: A trip to Paris. In a word, I would describe it as perfect. I have been to Paris just once before, when I was 16, but that was during the student riots, so touristy site seeing was kept to a minimum so my mom and I clung to the local scene. This trip, however, was filled with museums galore, a bike tour of Paris, and many adventures on the metro. I even got a fair amount of French oral practice in. C'├ętais manifique! I'm counting down the days until I plan another visit. Peut-├¬tre this summer? We'll see!

Pro photo skills with the iPhone. That's my mom is in the background.

If you are traveling to a foreign city, I HIGHLY recommend doing a fat tire bike tour. It's quite possibly the best way to experience and see a city.

Oh, did I mention we stayed across the street from a little church you may have heard of?

*le sigh*
 Paris, J'taime