Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tired of this...

Well 2 weeks ago I had the rest of my college career here at BGSU planned out. 
3 summer school courses, classes this fall, study abroad to Tours, France in spring, graduate after returning home in May 2013. I immediately called my dad to tell him the exciting news that graduation for me was in sight! 5 years and countless majors later, I had finally figured out college. 


I had my study abroad advisement appointment to discuss what classes I would be taking in Tours. What was suppose to be a 15minute appointment finally ended 45 minutes later, almost in tears.
My communications adviser fucked. me. over.
Turns out, I need 3 more French classes before going to France, 2 of which conflict with times of 2 of my communication classes in the fall. 

My view of graduation is gone. I am lost again. A familiar feeling, but one I had thought was done with, at least during the rest of my college career. got me this time.
Claire: 0 Life: 1

Tuesday I have my advisement appointment to discuss what the hell to do.

It's funny the amount of work we go through for a little piece of paper, just to prove we've been educated.

to life, and how it can really fuck with you

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