Friday, April 27, 2012

We Meet Again

Hello, 3 A.M.

or I guess I should say 3:30...

It's always at this hour where I can't help but think about my life as I blast music through my headphones. I find comfort knowing everyone else around me is sleeping. It's like I am truly alone with just my thoughts (which can be bad sometimes). Tonight it's both good and bad. Lately I've been smiling a lot, thinking about graduating next spring and (hopefully) studying abroad next summer. It's weird looking back at my older posts from when I first started this blog, seeing how far I've come with figuring out my life, and not to mention the amount of support I've gotten from total strangers all over the world reading this, feeling the same in life: Lost. As I've stated before, I am in no way done with finding myself. I have only just gotten a grasp on this whole college thing. I can finally see the light at the end of what I thought was a never ending tunnel of college. 

But what's on my mind you ask? What's keeping me up? Let's begin...
  • Finals
  • Grades
  • Love
Let's talk about love...

Times have changed. Finding love doesn't have to be old school, movie romance anymore. I feel like love can be found anywhere, anytime, anyplace. With the technological advances, love can even be found through the internet. It opens a much broader option of finding love though. Before it seemed like love could only be found in ones backyard, 
but today, one can find love on the other side of the world.

What if you do find someone on the other side of the world though? The odds may not be in your favor, but can a relationship still make it? What is there is a language barrier? Is it frowned upon to find love through a computer or is that the new age? What about long distance...? What qualifies as long distance anymore? With ways of communication like Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, and other means of communication, it almost eliminates the feeling of long distance. 

Are we in a new age of finding love?

Just some thoughts...


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