Friday, August 23, 2013

New Blog

I made a new blog while I am living in France as an Au Pair, because life just got really scary and I'll need to vent and explain a lot.

culture shock, new languages, new people, new home, new, new, new, new, new.

you can find my new blog by clicking here

I hope I suffice at keeping up with it much better than I have been with this one.

I will definitely still be keeping this blog here though. There are far too many memories to just let it go. Besides, I am definitely not finished figuring out my life.

Being an au pair in France is just a way for me to keep up with my French. More of like....being a live in baby sitter. (Which is not an ideal career for the rest of my life).

so 11 months from now we will see how far I have come with my French and dealing with everything that is new.


See you on my other blog! :)


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