Monday, May 9, 2011

How It Ends

So I have been thinking lately about my old relationships and dating experiences, and I have come to realize that after every break up and "let's be friends" conversation I have had with a guy...they seem to find the love of their life soon after. I have never been dumped, broken up with, or been told "I want to be just friends". 
It has always been me that has started those conversations. 
I swear I think I'm the girl guys date to get to the girl they are meant to love. Rascal Flatts wrote a song where they sing "God bless the broken road that led me straight to you". Well, I'm that broken road. I think it's a curse.
 In terms of sports, I'm the Chicago Cubs in the game of Love. 
The past 4 guys I have "dated" all are still with the girls they dated right after I said "We're better off as friends". One is even married. 
I know it seems kind of dumb to say, but I'm tired of ending it. I want MY heart stomped on. I want to be dumped. told "let's just be friends". Eat my feelings in ice cream while my friends call him a dick.  
Because at least then, I'll know what it would have felt like to have loved & lost. 
I think I'm too tired of deciding how it ends, so I don't even look anymore.

or maybe it's because the first guy I ever dated cheated on me within the first 3 weeks of dating.

way to fuck me over, Scott.


to finding the one,

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  1. The past is a great learning tool isn't it? Enjoy the life you're living Claire