Friday, February 10, 2012


Anyone else here feel that everyone is advancing in life except you?
I swear every time I log into Facebook I see a new engaged couple, new graduate, new awesome life decision made, and new excursion about to happen. 
I am getting to a point where I want to delete my Facebook.

I recently read an article about how Facebook causes depression, because people will, normally, only post pictures and other things, about how happy and life fulfilling their lives may be (even if it is not the case). Thus, making all their friends see these posts and feel their lives are lacking fulfillment like the ones shown in the posts.

PSH, I could have told you that years ago.

My days feel so redundant, dull, and predictable. I often think of what life would be like if I just picked up and moved to Paris. Just go. I could NEVER do such a thing right now, but it's such a wonderful daydream to keep revisiting.

A girl in my french class was telling me about how she is double majoring in art history and French. She visited Paris and different Unis there over winter break, applied to many, and got into all. Now she is apartment hunting for a little place in Paris, and will begin her studies this fall. 

Oh, how I envy her.

She inspires me to take French much more seriously so, one day, Je peux habiter en France, aussi.

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  1. Oh, that sounds like such a dreamy dream <3
    I've definitely realized more since blogging that people mostly only show the positive in life - which isn't necessarily bad. I mean, people who complain all the time usually get hidden first on my news feed, haha! But I've started looking at pretty photos and instead of thinking "Wow, their life is so perfect!" I think "Wow! They really set up that shot well!" I mean, I know people sometimes think my life is perfect, and I know it's definitely not. So I just remind myself of that about other people too! They have dirty laundry and fights with their boyfriends/spouses and money problems. They just don't share it for whatever reason. I dunno, it helps me not feel so... depressed by the whole Facebook/blogging picture-perfect culture. It's so easy to get down about that, I totally agree.