Monday, February 4, 2013

Food Comas and Liquid Cheese

Oh man....

This weekend I did nothing but eat out with a friend that was visiting. I am entirely deep fried, beer battered, and cheesed OUT. I don't think I have ever felt so gross. 
Welcome to the land of fried foods, guilt, and constipation. 
TMI? Deal with it.
 It being Super Bowl Sunday (or weekend in my case), I figured this would be my last weekend of bar food. Seriously though, after eating nothing but veggies, rice, fruits, water, and tea for the past month, my body has taken a BEATING this weekend.

Excuse me while I go and die in my bed.

Time to get back on track...again.

I also SERIOUSLY need to focus on school. I am not sure of it is this snowy weather or WHAT, but I just cannot seem to get out of bed to get to class in the mornings...or, let's be honest, afternoons, too. It's hardly February and I am almost out of "excused absences" in most of my classes. ughhhh -_-

Spring Break is in exactly 1 month. That is when my week of pure bliss when begin and I will be homework free and halfway to graduation. Until then, time to hit the books.

to getting back on track....for real

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