Sunday, January 27, 2013

Whistle While You Work

Today is a cleaning day. 
I've decided if I am going to be healthy, organized, and focused in school, I need to start with a clean and orderly environment.


I hate doing laundry here at school because I have to walk outside, 5 apartments down, into this dirty little room with one washer and two dryers from 1975, lime green walls, some guys nasty sneakers, and a constant pile of lint just next to the garbage can. (seriously guys...)

Best part about laundry day though? Clean sheets. OHHHH how I love thee.

Then it's on to vacuum, do the dishes, sweep the floor, cinderelly, cinderelly!

I might also add that this cleaning fit is partially due to the fact that my mom is visiting Tuesday and spending the night.
But once I have finished cleaning I will have to begin my studies and preparing for the week ahead. Gahhh It's almost February which means one month down....3 to go until graduation. 

Now, if only cleo would get her lazy bum out of bed to help....she's such a little free loader.

oh, but look at that little face... ^_^

to productive Sundays

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