Monday, January 21, 2013

I Suck

My 3 day weekend is now officially over and I have successfully sat on my ass all weekend.

I made a To-Do list and it has remained untouched and unaccomplsihed.
I swear I can only work under pressure; so probably about 1 am is when I'll start my homework. I really need to work on just getting things done. EARLY.

Granted I have been very sick this weekend...but I think that is more of a cop-out to not get any of my work done. whatever. 

Let me tell you what this weekend consisted of:

  • Sleep
  • Hours of Always Sunny on Netflix
  • Benedryl. lots and lots of Benedryl (too broke for NyQuil)
  • Random acts of exercise that unequivocally amounted to nothing
  • Downloading of music
  • Made 3 new 8Tracks playlists
  • Hours on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and any other time consuming, inefficient internet site
  • Hours of my new TV addiction: "Girls" on HBO (so good)
so here I am, 6:22pm, 8am class in the morning, and I haven't. done. shit.

sometimes I hate myself.

to procrastination

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  1. I watch Girls too! My fave show has to be 2 Broke girls though. And Psych! I've left a 6 month course to be completed in a little over 2 months.