Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Look

Ok, this is a good place to for me to begin my countdown to graduation. To me that means better grades, a better mind set, and a better body. 

This is my LAST semester of college. I need to make it count. No more of that "I'll do better next semester" horseshit. That's just as bad as saying "Diet starts Monday" with a mouth full of cake. Which leads me to my next point:

I have an average weight, which is fine, but I am more concerned with being physically fit. If only I could just return to my High School physique: Toned tennis arms and legs with sleek obliques. *sigh* Why didn't I wear more bikinis back then....Curse my insecure self...

Pinterest is seriously the greatest motivator to get in shape. I HATE going to a gym and not knowing how to do anything except run on a treadmill. Through pinterest I have found all these at home work outs solely for strength training! If you want to follow/repin my pins just click here!

I've spent the last week eating very healthy and watching my portions. So starting today I am beginning a serious workout regime. I want my tennis legs back in time for graduation...but without having to play tennis. (I am also sick of just being....squishy...).

Aside from strength training I would really like to get back into yoga. Considering I can bend forward about 20 degrees before my legs feel like the tendons will just snap I'd say it's time to do some serious stretching and easy, calming yoga poses. (seriously you guys...pinterest for that shit too)

I am also finding that I am awake until about 2:00am every school night (not much as changed since starting this blog obviously) therefore I need to relax my mind more and stop worrying so much about what to do after I graduate. 

So here we go. I am going to be updating fairly frequently from now on to help me stay focused (and vent about how I just want a fucking cupcake every so often)

Sooo...join me? or cheer me on? or just sit there with your delicious cakes and mock me or whatever.

to May 2013

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