Saturday, January 19, 2013

Holy Hell

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Considering I am home sick with a very bad cold, now is as good a time as any to get back into my blog. I swear I write in waves. Some weeks over flowing with thoughts. Some months gone without a single word. 

Is it too late to start a New Years resolution to write in here more often?

Well to start off I am back at school, taking 18 credits hours (full time entirely), and hoping that I will manage to graduate in May. FINALLY.

I just keep picturing me putting on that cap and gown, grabbing my diploma, and running for the hills. 5 years, 5 schools, countless shelves of text books, and thousands of dollars later I will finally have the proof that I have been educated: a little piece of paper. How wonderful.

Christmas and New Years were great. Much better than last year and both very relaxing and chill.
Does that mean 2013 will be awesome? I sure hope so!

Now it's time to work on my resume and cover letter to begin the job hunt. Only issue is that I don't want to go right into a job after school. (and frankly, I think the odds are in my favor). I want to travel. Backpack all over. I have my entire life to work. I'd rather see the world while I am young and able instead of going later in life. I have been looking into being an Au Pair in France now, though I am scared shitless of that endevour I think it can only benefit me.

French is so unnatural to me, as any language would be, but it makes me feel sooooo uncomfortable to speak it that I often let my grades suffer because of it, even though I know exactly what is going on in my French classes, I refuse to participate. Damn my timidness...

That is where my life is at this moment. I swear I will keep this posting thing up. I forget how stress relieving it can be to just write out all my thoughts that keep building up.

to 2013

p.s. I am currently reading The Hobbit and I don't know why I never read it sooner. It's wonderful.

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