Thursday, July 26, 2012

Problem, Family?

My mom left. So here is my problem family post to get my mind off everything rather than sitting in silence.

My parents should have divorced years ago. Growing up they were always fighting and setting poor examples of love, family, and communication.
They are most likely staying together for my brother and I, or so their families and friends do not look down upon their decision to divorce. Divorce is so highly frowned upon within my family circle that my parents would rather live together in agony and constant anger toward each other than to separate. Which would make things MUCH easier.

So any holiday event or family oriented day (Birthdays, anniversaries, etc) are always terrible.

My birthday was the other day, which meant we would all have to deal with each others company for about 30 minutes to open gifts and eat cake. Which later would inevitably end in fighting between my parents as my brother and I sneak off to the basement and ignore their childish behavior. 

Well my mom just packed a suitcase and left for the night. Happy Birthday!

Honestly I'm just tired of this. It has been going on since I can remember. 
My perception of love and communication has been totally altered because of the charming examples my parents have shown my entire life. 

Word of advice. If you can't be friendly or loving toward your spouse after 22+ years of being together...just get a divorce instead of constantly flirting with the idea of it. Never stay together for kids, it ends up hurting us more.

to those that put up with this shit.

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  1. I can relate, and imagine what this must be like.

    My parents constantly flirt with the idea of divorcing each other for so long now, on and off, on and off, at each others throats then playing house again.

    I know how emotionally draining it can be.

    Stay strong x