Friday, February 18, 2011

Hello, 3 am.

Well just as the title states, it's 3 am here in Chicago and I am wide awake. With all this free time I have by being unemployed and taking mostly online courses, one would think I would get too much sleep, when in fact...I have been more sleep deprived than ever. As part of this whole "getting out of this rut I'm in" part of my life, I need to start going to bed earlier; as in before 12 am. To help start this process I highly recommend creating sleep or calming playlists on the 8tracks website. It's absolutely fabulous for these types of scenarios. Also great for making morning playlists to get your day started on a high note (pun intended). Below is my playlist to help me relax in the depths of my sheets along with pictures I envy at this time of morning. Enjoy.

to sleep,

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