Monday, February 14, 2011


Alright, the day has come: Valentine's Day. A day where those that are single snarl and glare at others who have another hand in theirs. A day where hopeless romantics, wide eyed and lovingly, stare at a single rose in hopes that the love of their life will soon appear. A day of mass head-in-cloud, mindless, romanticism of everything in sight. A holiday I only enjoy due to the chocolate overload I bestow upon myself and the flowers on every corner during the most dreary month in Chicago. However, I absolutely adore the lovely pictures I find on one of my favorite website, coincidentally named, we heart it. Below are some images that make me smile on a day where I am reminded just how romantically challenged I am. Once a year; that's all a romantic asks for. So let us stomach the sweetness of Valentine's Day together. After all, everyone falls in love at some point. So here are some facts we all must get use to. 
Valentine's Day is...
impossible to avoid

lovely when with another

a natural high

a day to ignore your brain & let your feelings show

a day where music can say more than words

a day of sweetness

a fairytale come true

a day to love

a day where little can be said, but a lot is heard

that special kiss

I hope your Valentine's Day is everything you want it to be & more. 

to the hopeless romantics,

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