Monday, March 28, 2011

Beautiful Mess

Beautiful Mess - Jason Mraz

So I have been listening to a lot of Jason Mraz lately, which always reminds me of traveling and to let all my worries go. Below is one of my favorite quotes from Jason.

...Why would you ever waste a day worrying about anything? - or think you should have done this or could have done that?
 Wake up to the WTF of it all and enjoy the ride.
- Jason Mraz

I love that.

I also absolutely love this quote from one of my favorite movies: Elizabethtown

Claire Colburn: You wanna be really great? Then have the courage to fail big and stick around. Make them wonder why you're still smiling. 

 I need to stop worrying about how people see me. My life is a beautiful mess. I've gotten to experience more than most and I am only 20. I should be grateful, appreciative, & happy. I've met amazing people, I've traveled to amazing places, I've made mistakes and learned from them, I've failed and gotten back up again. I also highly doubt it will end there. I will fail countless more times in my life. I will get hurt, lose things close to me, and want to give up. Reading other blogs though helps me realize I'm not alone. Music, books, nature, people; they all make life a little better and worth all the shit.

But, if life is far too shitty for you? take on life like the honey badger. 
Life will fear you.

Bring it on, life.

Jason's blog is amazing at making one feel great, laugh, and smile. His writing style is also fantastic.
 I admire him to no end. 


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