Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fresh First

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit! 
My 5th grade teacher would always say that on the first of the month because it's suppose to bring good luck...which I could really use. Hopefully this month I will get a job, finish some books I've been reading, and get more work done to figure out my life. I am kind of superstitious when it comes to sayings and inanimate objects, so I take "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" very seriously. I also try to bring more luck & happiness in my life by wearing a hamsa everyday and never going anywhere without an Ohio buckeye. The hamsa diverts bad luck and the buckeye brings good luck (according to my Ohio family). I will be sporting both this entire month. 
Here is a taste of what is in store for me this month.

1. Volunteering at the Chicago Architecture Foundation
2. Sign up for the Chitown Tennis League
3. Journalism class begins the 14th
4. Aquarium with Brian
5. Baseball Season
6. Spring

Freshness factor starts now!

welcome back,


  1. You totally forgot about the aquarium. It's cool, I really hope you have an excellent month! Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit.

  2. i'm sorry? I left out what? check again my friend :)