Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Real talk right now you guys...

Justin Timberlake's new album just released and it is fantastic.

I mean repeat every song until my ears bleed, not want to complete anything else for the day, learn every lyric, kind of fantastic.

It's crazy to think it has been 7 years since his last album, Future/Sex Love Sounds. That entire album reminds me of Junior and Senior year of High school, driving to Jamba Juice after school with my friends, and staying at school late to work on musical productions.

Sometimes I miss how easy it was back then, as well as the amount of money I had to just blow on gross amounts of Jamba...and the metabolism to do so.

Mirrors is my favorite off his new album

I think the ending is a bit odd...and could probably do without, but still...this song is no less amazing

To Tunage Tuesday

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