Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Results are a Brewing

I've been doing this lifestyle change where I simply eat clean and get some sort of exercise daily along with at least 3 intense workouts a week, minimum. So far...

I'm seeing results!!!

Yes, they are very slight and many other people may not notice, but I sure as hell do. Especially in my legs. It has been a while since I've seen my quadriceps muscles stick out like they did when I played tennis. It's fantastic!

My clean diet is easy for me though through pure cooking laziness.

When I have to go to the grocery store, I have to walk across campus and take a bus, so I can only buy enough food to be able to carry all that way home. I always use one of those little baskets to  measure the weight of my purchases so it's easy to watch how much I buy.

I also hate cooking and preparing meals, especially since I live alone. I'd much rather just find something easy to grab and not have to spend the time making a legit meal. So what do I do then for food? I grab fruits and veggies and just eat those all day. I buy no sugar/processed foods to reduce the temptation and to save money. (I'm also broke so it's easy not to splurge on shit food). I basically live off of mass amounts of quinoa and brown rice, fruits, veggies, talapia, tea and water. Not even mad about it.

I am never bloated, I have wayyyy more energy, and my skin has looked its best since...ever. Seriously. I don't even bother with makeup anymore because I have nothing to hide. I also never crave anything except the occasional apple or clementine.

The toughest part was the first week because I still craved foods like pasta, sweets, salt, etc. but after that week ended, I don't even want to go back...which brings me to my next point..


ughhh any gathering on the farm involves mass quantities of Paula Deen approved foods. I'm sure there will be the usual 2 hams, turkey, cheese covered everything, and the always present, fruit salad with marshmallows. fucking MARSHMALLOWS in the fruit salad...come on guys.

I feel like I'm not just going to fall off the wagon...the wagon is going to throw me off, then back up over my broken body to run it over again, followed by multiple clogged arteries filled with chocolate and butter. Curse my southern cooking family members...

I guess we'll see how this weekend goes. My grandma is picking me up Friday and then we'll head back down to Dayton for the weekend. Wish me luck..and hope I don't end up in a food coma.

to a second Thanksgiving


  1. RE: "clean eating" - I just wanted to say - good for you! It's awesome that you are learning this while you are young. It's so simple and yet our culture has made it strangely difficult.
    As for Easter, I'm curious how it went. I bet you found that you just couldn't stomach some of the crap food, and some of it was just so dang good. :) My (many years of)experience has been that it's okay (even good and necessary) to "fall off the wagon" sometimes, as long as you don't end up living on the side of the road. Otherwise you walk around feeling deprived all the time, which tends to come back and bite you in the butt. IMO, it's about overall lifestyle over the long term, not how you eat one weekend or even one week.
    best to you on your healthy path.

  2. Thank you so much! I appreciate the kind words! The farm went as expected...but thankfully I talked my grandma into bring the fruit platter, so that took over my plate, but when mac & cheese was placed on the table I couldn't resist...As Oscar Wilde once said "I can resist everything except temptation". preach. Thanks again for reading!