Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Well I've set up my own Tumblr account.

Just another social networking, internet, life consuming addition to my browsers toolbar. It is much easier to post videos, photos, and quotes on there than it is on my Blogger. However, this doesn't mean an end to my blog. Au contraire. I'll still be here, writing about rants, raves, life, and how I am surviving in it. This blog is too near and dear to me to just give up. I has almost been a year since started my blog and it not only helped me release emotions, but I now have made a path for me, and others, to look back on and see mistakes, journeys, and experiences I've made a long the way to figuring my life out.

At 2am, I was reading past posts on here and finding it funny how just a year ago I could be so entirely lost, and here I am, new school, new town, new major. 
I've got my college and student life almost figured out. But what is to come after graduating? 
ohhhh man that will be interesting.

for the record,
I'm still lost.

Just not like I once was

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