Wednesday, January 11, 2012


While in French class today my teacher asked us where home is.
When I said Chicago, the first thing my teacher replied with was,
"what do you miss most about Chicago?"
It was like someone then punched me in the stomach. I could feel the lump in my throat swell and my face get hot. I wanted to reply with "comment dit-on 'everything' en francaise?", which means "how do you say ' everything' in French?". But rather, I pulled together and just said, "I miss tall buildings".
I've always been really good at hiding my feelings under any circumstance, but today, 
I've never felt so homesick. 

I miss Chicago. A lot. Especially tall buildings. 
The tallest building in the town of Bowling Green is Bowing Green State University's library, with an impressive 8 floors. I went from working in one of the tallest buildings in the world (Sears Tower) to studying in the highest floor of the tallest building in all of BG. 
Different is an understatement.

I'm homesick

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  1. Moving away from home can be really hard (esp since Chicago is so awesome) but it can also be really great! I did it in HS and it just makes two times the friends and two times the knowlege of local areas! Good luck :)